Current Members

Anthony Radianto

Vocals, guitar, piano

Jason Louie

Guitar, backing vocals

Gordon Tong

Guitar, keyboards

Alfred Chan

Drums, percussion

Past Members

Douglas Chin (bass)

Erik Feng (bass)


Jason Louie



Age: 19

Hometown: San Francisco

Instruments: Guitar, backing vocals, piano, harmonica, viola, drums


  • Harmony Marquis acoustic guitar (retired)
  • Washburn D10SCEDL acoustic guitar
  • Fender Starcaster electric guitar
  • Fender Frontman 15R amplifier
  • Yamaha DGX-620 digital piano

Music seemed to come easy to Jason at an early age. During elementary school, he picked up the flute and recorder -- instruments that even today he can play to some extent. "I went recorder first, then changed to flute, then promptly quit after two weeks," he says, "then all that was left was to go back to the recorder." No doubt he used these music skills obtained at such an early age to his advantage later in Makeshift. He admits that he also learned to play the kazoo with relatively good prowess during this early stage -- something he modestly downplays. "It's just not that big a deal," shrugs the multi-talented musician. After elementary school, Jason took his music with him into middle school. It was there that he took up the violin, which he quickly dropped in favor of the lower-sounding viola. Though he didn't know it, it would eventually become the foundation for his guitar learning.

Somewhere along the way to high school, he says, he picked up the guitar. This was made much easier through his viola training in middle school, allowing him to progress with exceptional speed. It was in this period that Jason began to take a much more serious interest in music, taking theory classes in school and taking part in the orchestra as a viola player. Pushing his boundaries further, he started dabbling in the harmonica, a gift bestowed to him by his uncle for his birthday.

Shortly after, Jason started up Makeshift with Anthony Radianto in the fall of 2005. They talked of collaborating together on some music projects. However, after a few unsuccessful improv sessions, they began to look for more bandmates and were soon joined by Doug Chin, Alfred Chan, and Gordon Tong. Ever the adventurer, Jason took interest in Alfred's drums, and started to familiarize himself with yet another instrument. One wonders, what would he possibly think of next? He shrugs and laughs. "I've never actually perfected playing the kazoo," he says, eyes twinkling, "maybe I'll finish that next."

One more thing: JASON > ALL.

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