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Sunday, December 23, 2007 @ 8:27am
Welcome to the brand-new official Makeshift site! It's been weeks and weeks of hard labor, toiling away at the computer screen, but it's finally open for business.

While it looks quite similar to the Genericists' site of the past, there have been some major changes: first, everything has been made much more slick and sleek, tossing aside the old, outdated tables-centered layout in favor for a more versatile and fluid CSS-oriented one. But of course, this would really concern me, not you, since you obviously have no idea what I am talking about. All you need to know is that I am awesome. Secondly, the color scheme has been changed not one bit --- it's still ridiculously emo-colored in varying shades of gray, the color you all know and love so dearly. Well, since the old site was basically just black and white, it might be a change, so there you go. Lastly, I've taken the opportunity to make the banner at the top much more colorful and exciting. I think you'll agree with me when I say that the current banner totally trumps the old ones we've had. Well, it's actually probably only going to be temporary, or the banner will rotate, since we have no real good group pictures I can use that don't make us look like idiots.

Of course, to keep with Makeshift tradition, this site isn't completely finished. I've got bits and pieces to add, but actually, this site is pretty much done. All that's left are things that I wish to consult with the rest of the band before adding, and that can hardly be done without revealing the surprise of this new website. I was going to use the old biography for the band that Jew wrote up ages ago, but I was looking over it and I decided that it would be way too outdated to use, so that will have to be done with. Oh yeah, and the text on that page is not really Spanish or whatever language you think it is. It's "Lorem Ipsum" text, or dummy text, in layman terms.

And yes, I know I'm missing a lot of pictures in the gallery, but I'll get with it soon enough. I can't find a lot of them on my computer, so I'll have to dig to find them. And let me tell you, that gallery took forever to set up and design. Notice how it's integrated into the main site? Yes, folks, that took me several hours to figure out how to do. I am that awesome. So be thankful.

Wow, that was a long entry. Enjoy the site, and enough of my ramblings. Enjoy it, I say.

P.S.: Also, this site is 100% CSS and XHTML valid! I'm proud of that. Click those links at the bottom of each page and you shall see. I am haxx0rz. Well, toodles!
Posted by Gordon

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