Current Members

Jason Louie

Vocals, guitar

Gordon Tong


Samuel Chan


Alfred Chan

Drums, percussion

Past Members

Douglas Chin (bass)

Erik Feng (bass)

Anthony Radianto (vocals)

Band Biography

Makeshift in 2006

It all began in a quiet high school set in beautiful San Francisco.

"We pretty much all met when we were at Lincoln," says Gordon. "That part of the story is pretty clear." From their first meeting together, the foundations for Makeshift gradually built up as they all developed an unrequited love for music. This can be attributed to the fact that most of the members of Makeshift back then had little to no musical background, beyond the required musical classes that were required of everyone in elementary school (such as the flute, violin, clarinet, and recorder). But of course, this had no effect in deterring them from grabbing hold an instrument. Jason and Jew had the advantages; they both played their respective instruments for a while, unlike Gordon, Doug, and Alfred.


People are often shocked when Makeshift's beginnings are described to be "shockingly humble." With each band member starting off with cheap starter packs or very low end equipment, however, it is easy to see how Makeshift got its name. "That was what we used as a bass setup during our very first gig," Jason says, pointing to a Yamaha electric guitar plugged into his subwoofer system. "We called it a makeshift bass because, well, that's what it technically was." Furthermore, the closest thing they had that could be used as a piano was a dinky keyboard from the '80s with half-sized keys that was obviously meant for kids with tiny hands and fingers. For drums, Alfred purchased the cheapest set he could afford -- a 5 piece set on eBay for $200. All of this was recorded using a simple cardiod microphone used for karaoke and mixed using Audacity.

Makeshift performing The Scientist

It was from these humble beginnings that Makeshift rose to prominence. Just days after the fledgling band had formed, its members were hard at work learning and practicing their instruments, leading to weekly practices and rehearsals. These efforts eventually culminated in their mediocre performance at the Lincoln High School Variety Show, where they performed alongside talented and untalented pianists, singers, dangers, and topless guys with ukuleles. However, high school soon went by in a flash and the members were hit with the stress and hardships of college life. This, in conjunction with an untimely expatriation of Anthony, led to a fracturing of the band, held together only by the thin thread of their friendships. Eventually, in time the band slowly came back together to practice more frequently; it was during this time period when they decided a bassist was necessary, and Samuel Chan was brought into the fold.

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