Current Members

Anthony Radianto

Vocals, guitar, piano

Jason Louie

Guitar, backing vocals

Gordon Tong

Guitar, keyboards

Alfred Chan

Drums, percussion

Past Members

Douglas Chin (bass)

Erik Feng (bass)


Anthony Radianto



Age: 19

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Instruments: Vocals, guitar, piano, bass


  • Rode NT2-A condenser microphone
  • M-Audio Fast Track Pro Pre-amp
  • Johnson electric guitar
  • Johnson black box
  • Yamaha acoustic guitar

If asked about the beginning of his formal musical training, Anthony Radianto would point to his lessons in the recorder early in his life. "I had to play recorder in eighth grade," he says. "It was okay, but my saliva kept dripping out of that hole." He would later on point to this as the pivotal moment in his musical career, when he first touched an instrument. Soon after, he would delve further from the woodwinds into the world of voice and vocals. Gradually, through practice in the shower, or as he would put it, the "mutilating of my neighbors' ears," he developed the distinctive tone he possesses today. He would no doubt pin his venture into vocals on his hero -- the late Freddie Mercury of Queen. This can be seen as one of the factors that soon led him to explore his next instruments. From vocals, he would try his hand at the electric guitar, followed by the piano. In Makeshift, he plays occasional guitar, bass, and piano, if needed along with his vocals. He is the self-proclaimed principal songwriter of the band, specializing in writing his unique, signature, basslines.

Drawing his influences from the classic greats such as Queen, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles, Anthony brings into Makeshift the sounds from a completely different end of the musical spectrum. Lately, however, he has opened up slightly to take in new favorites Coldplay and Oasis, even reluctantly agreeing to cover a particular song by Fountains of Wayne. However, he still condemns most modern music, calling it "generic and mainstream."

In his spare time, Anthony plays video games and writes fiction. Lately, he has indulged himself in the world of old school comic books, being a big fan of Doramon when he was a child. He is currently in his second year at University of California, Berkeley.

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